LPE TBRC-001 Temperature Based Relay Controller

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Lingenfelter TBRC-001 Temperature Based Relay Controller
• Auxiliary temperature-based engine cooling fan control 
• Temperature-based intercooler fan control 
• Temperature-based water injection pump control 
• Temperature-based differential circulation pump control 
• Temperature-based EGT warning indicator light or enrichment control 
The TBRC-001 is designed to control two relays based on temperature sensor readings. This module can be used to independently activate two relays to control fans, pumps, or other devices. This module is used in the LPE intercooler radiator kits to control the two fans at high and low speeds, and also in the LPE differential cooler kits to control the fan and pump. The TBRC-001 can also be used to activate intercooler water spray based on air temperature or alcohol injection based on intercooler temperature. 
• Two separate temperature controlled relay outputs 
• Works with OEM and aftermarket IAT, ECT, EGT, TFT sensors, including: 
• GM IAT (12160244/12614717), ECT (12608814/12636612), TFT (12458118), and oil temperature sensors (15326388) 
• AEM 30-2012 and other similar fluid temperature sensors 
• AEM 20-3050, GM 12636612, and AC Delco 213-4695 EGT sensors 
• Built-in auto pump cycle mode for circulating hot fluid past the sensor in applications where the temperature sensor has to be installed in the fluid lines 
• Multiple cycle rate and duration settings 
• Adjustable hysteresis values of 5, 10, 15, or 25 degrees 
• Used to control two fans or a fan and a circulation pump 
• Reduces noise, increases component life in aux cooling systems 
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