Greg Banish Bio

Greg is an automotive engineer, trainer, and consultant, with over 20 years of experience as a powertrain calibrator for several major OEMs. His background and education is primarily in mechanical engineering (BSME with Automotive Specialty from GMI/Kettering University, 1999) and combustion systems. As a former high performance shop owner, he tuned thousands of unique combinations. Greg has lots of first hand experience with the challenges faced by tuners and enthusiasts alike who are constantly looking for an edge when it comes to engine and powertrain controls. He's had the rare opportunity to work on some really interesting projects over the years ranging from 9-second drag racers to the latest in gasoline direct injection technology and hybrids.

Greg has been teaching high performance fuel injection control since 2005. His first two books published in 2007 and 2009 continue to top the rankings in their genre on Amazon with over 90,000 copies sold worldwide and better than 4.5 star review ratings. His third book was just released in 2023, focusing on OBD and emissions. I have hosted classes across the US since 2005 and worked 1-on-1 with tuners, shop owners, and OEM engineers on a wide range of projects. Greg also provides technical writing for several clients, including Hot Rod Magazine.

As part of Greg's OEM career, he has done calibration, emissions, and management work for GM, Ford, Lotus, Roush, and FCA. He is passionate about showing the high-performance industry how we can build responsible horsepower that is kind to our environment.

Greg has done all of our data on our high performance fuel injectors. The file that pertains to your set will be on a flash drive in the box with your injectors. 

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