Cleetus McFarland "Leroy 1.0" Resleeved 427 CID Long-Block

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Racing Use Only, Not Legal for Road Use
Run the same 427 CID re-sleeved Gen 4 long-block as Cleetus McFarland's savage "Leroy" C5 Corvette that was the FIRST GM six-speed manual vehicle in the 7's! This long-block is built for boost and ready for some serious power and made all of the bald eagles for Cleetus' epic 7.82 @ 176 MPH pass! We have dubbed this engine "Leroy 1.0" since "Leroy 2.0" was upgraded to a GMPP LSx 6-bolt iron block. The full specifications of Leroy 1.0 are listed below:

New TSP Re-sleeved Gen 4 Aluminum Engine Block with Darton Stepped Sleeves
TSP Forged 4.00" Stroke Wet Sump Crankshaft with Your Choice of 24x or 58x Reluctor Wheel
TSP 6.125" Super I-Beam Connecting Rods with ARP 2000 Rod Bolts
Wiseco 4.125" Forged Piston Set with -20cc Dish
Wiseco Upgraded HD Piston Wrist Pins
Wiseco Steel Top/Napier 2nd Ring Set
ARP Main Stud Kit
Precision Race Components 237cc Aftermarket Cathedral Port Cylinder Heads
TSP/PAC .700" Dual Spring Kit w/ Titanium Retainers
TSP "Bald Eagle" Turbo Camshaft for Stroker Engines
Athena HD Head Gaskets w/ Stainless Steel Fire Rings
ARP 12-Pt. Head Stud Kit
GM Rocker Arms w/ TSP Trunnion Upgrade Kit
TSP Hardened Pushrods
Johnson 2110R Lifters
12 Quarts of Driven Racing Break-In Oil
Complete Set of TSP Windage Tray Spacers

This engine combination was built for Leroy's twin-turbo setup with a goal of supporting up to 1,000 RWHP with ease. Complete with bald eagles and a healthy dose of 'murica, this long-block is ready to do it for Dale! Cleetus definitely pushed this engine to the limits making well past the 1,000 RWHP mark, so if you plan to do the same we do recommend upgrading to 1/2" head studs. We also stock all of the GM and aftermarket bolts and gaskets to complete your engine build!

The optional LS2 conversion package will be required if you are installing this engine into a vehicle that was originally equipped with a Gen 3 engine. The LS2 conversion package will include the following items: LS2 valley cover, set of 4 LS2 lifter trays, cam sensor extension harness, knock sensor extension harness, LS2 timing cover set, and Rollmaster LS2 single-roller timing set.
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