MSPNP-Gen2 (Specific Applications)


Looking for an easy and affordable option for your car? 
The MSPNP Gen2 is a very powerful and cost-effective option for a growing number of vehicles*.
Typical requirements for install are an hour or less for installation, MSPNP Gen2 includes a base 
map to get the motor fired up easily every time and ready for fine tuning to match your engines 
needs from mild to wild.
MSPNP Gen2 will get the job done well with an impressive feature list that will let you do a 
lot more than you'd expect anywhere near this price point.


Plug and play installation in under an hour
Pre-loaded, dyno tuned base map
Real time tuning and datalogging with laptop connection
VE based 2D & 3D fuel, ignition and AFR target tables
Onboard peak and hold drivers to support high or low impedance injectors
Knock sensor input with DetCan output
Supports CAN for I/O expansion
Table switching input (nitrous, race vs. pump gas, etc.)
Internal 4bar MAP sensor reads up to 44psi boost
Supports most aftermarket wideband controllers
Up to 2 general purpose on/off outputs
Closed loop boost and idle speed control
Built in 2step rev limiter with flat shift
Real time barometric correction
Input for flex fuel sensor
A/C control

WARNING: Cancer and Reproductive Harm -

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